26 May 2016
May 26, 2016

Recreating 1916 at the GPO

The GPO (General Post Office) on O’Connell Street in Dublin was at the heart of the fighting during the 1916 Easter Rising, when it served as rebel headquarters.

It was from the steps of the GPO that the Proclamation of Independence was read by rebel leader Padraig Pearse. It was also from the GPO that the surrender order was given six days later, as the rebels were overwhelmed and outnumbered by the thousands of British troops who were shipped into Dublin to quell the uprising.

It is fitting then that in this centenary year, the GPO has opened a new permanent exhibition, dedicated to the events of 1916.

This highly immersive and engaging exhibition puts you right inside the GPO during Easter Week in 1916.

History will come to life as you experience events from both sides of the conflict and through the eyes of bystanders caught in the crossfire through electronic touch screens, video, audio visual booths, sound and authentic artefacts, many previously unseen.

The exhibition is well worth a visit if in Dublin yourself, or why not recommend it to friends or family if they are travelling to Dublin instead?

Meanwhile, we are proud to have a small part to play in the exhibition, as our Framed 1916 Active Service Medals are available for purchase there. They make a wonderful souvenir of a visit to a wonderful exhibition.