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14 Sep 2016
September 14, 2016

Very Special Irish Gifts

For us and everyone else in Ireland, the events of the 1916 Easter Rising were monumental. After all, the Rising helped end British rule of Ireland and establish of an independent Irish Republic. It was indeed the most momentous occasion in our history. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the remarkable events of the.. read more →

07 Sep 2016
September 7, 2016

Souvenir 1916 Medals from the GPO

The GPO was at the heart of the fighting during Ireland’s Easter Rising of 1916, and now it’s at the centre of the centenary commemorations too. A magnificent multi-media exhibition on the momentous events of 100 years ago has become a permanent feature there, and several thousand people have already experienced it since it opened.. read more →

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06 Aug 2016
August 6, 2016

Count On Us For Unique Irish Souvenirs

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28 Jul 2016
July 28, 2016

Perfect Gifts from Ireland

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04 Jul 2016
July 4, 2016

Get Your Irish Gifts Online

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26 May 2016
May 26, 2016

Recreating 1916 at the GPO

The GPO (General Post Office) on O’Connell Street in Dublin was at the heart of the fighting during the 1916 Easter Rising, when it served as rebel headquarters. It was from the steps of the GPO that the Proclamation of Independence was read by rebel leader Padraig Pearse. It was also from the GPO that.. read more →