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The 1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal is a fitting commemoration of the events that resulted in the establishment of an independent Irish Republic. This 1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal set will make a wonderful Irish souvenir or an excellent gift from Ireland to anybody with an interest in the remarkable events of Irish history. The 1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal will make a particularly fitting Irish souvenir for anyone with a family connection to the Easter Rebellion.

The design of our 1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal has been inspired by the original 1916 Active Service Medal, which was commissioned by Eamon de Valera, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, in 1941 to mark the silver jubilee of the Easter Rebellion. It has been updated to mark the 100th anniversary, which occurs this year. Overall, it is a marvellous Irish souvenir that can become a perfect gift from Ireland to anyone.

1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal Img1

Check out some of the features of this fabulous Irish souvenir:

  • Design inspired by the original 1916 Active Service medals and updated to mark the centenary
  • Solid, metal-cast medal
  • Tricolour ribbon and brooch pin, making it easy to wear with pride
  • Includes The Proclamation of Independence (Poblacht na h Eireann)
  • Includes the story of the 1916 Easter Rising, and the story of the Medal

You can buy the 1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal, a wonderful Irish souvenir, online directly from our site. Global delivery is available, so get your Irish gifts no matter where you are! Along with 1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal, do check out two other exceptional Irish gifts that we offer: the 1916 Framed Medal and 1916 Medal Presentation Box.

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1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal - Our Latest Offering
Article Name
1916 Lapel Ribbon Medal - Our Latest Offering
We, the Unique Irish Gifts, a one-of-a-kind boutique selling beautiful, exclusive Irish gifts and Irish souvenirs online, have introduced a new item to join our current offerings that are inspired by the historic events of a century ago, the 1916 Easter Rising. Check it out.